Sometimes we would just think what we’ve created is insignificant — until out of the mess, we could surprisingly come up with something worthwhile. 

Here is this originally created stuff by my daughter Bunso Relyn Gail.  She just considered these pages scrap in her Water Colour Pad because she said she was just practicing.

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To her, it was just a mess and she said she’ll just come up with better ones.  But a Mom would always find beauty in her child’s craft, especially when she knows what’s in her child’s heart.

So here, my bunso Relyn Gail‘s stuff & scraps turned masterpieces:

In Blue, Gray and Black Blends:

In Pink and Lavander Blends:

In Green and Lavander Blends:

In Pink and Yellow Blends:

In various blends:

All that it takes for us to come up with something beautiful out of any mess is that heart that appreciates. Our perspective would matter a lot. The way we look at things will always make the difference. And because we’re just as grateful for the gift of time, every bit of effort will always be significant.

Sharing these works of art with you friends, to be your stationeries where you can write your thoughts for your family and loved ones. Amidst the digital age, “love letters” are still worth the keep.

We hope we’ve created an inspiration in you with this stuff. Please feel free to let us know we did; we’d appreciate it much! Thank you so much for taking the time to read. 🙂

“If you’ll only allow yourself to “just be you” with that pure heart, 

inspiration could be your masterpiece.” — ArtSignature by RG & Mom

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